openframeworks + cinder

Anyone been able to get openframeworks and cinder to work togethor in VS2008? There are a few bits of cinder that I wouldn’t mind using in my OF projects but can’t seem to get it working. Mostly get incompatiable library errors.

Yeah I got Cinder working as a library that can be used in conjunction with OF (in 2008). I also made a demo ofVideoplayer using their code.

There were a few things I had to fix to get it working, namely an OF windows related version define and the way in which the .dll was compiled ( with static or dynamic stdc library)…plus possibly some other stuff

I could upload the stuff but there are changes to my OF installation so it’s a little messy at the moment. The question is, should OF be modified to work with Cinder or should Cinder be modified…because at the next update you will have to make those changes again.

I was unable to get them to work together but I was able to do what I wanted another way through OF. It would be good to see these two working togethor.