openFrameworks Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference *v0.3* updated 02/19/14

Hi Everyone,

**Current Version 0.3 **(02/19/14)
+Non linear ofMap
+(more) = link to the resource

**Version 0.2 **(02/07/2014)
+Screen capture
+Show framerate


I made a openFrameworks Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference.
I hope it can be helpful and I am welcome any feedback. please let me know any thing I need to change, I will put them into next version.

[Download PDF version0.3]


this is great. thank you very much for this and putting the time in.
reminds me i still need to finish the 1.1 version of the offline oF docs.

Looks good! other useful function calls are:

Screen capture :

ofImage::grabScreen(x, y, w, h); //needs an ofImage to be instantiated

I usually do this on update to show framerate:

ofSetWindowTitle( ofToString( ofGetFrameRate(),1 ) );

Also ofToString() which converts practically anything into a string.

Hi Chuckleplant, thank you so much for these useful functions. I will put them on the sheet asap.
I am looking forward to seeing more functions from others and I will put them all into the sheet.

Version 0.3 is updated.

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Thanks for sharing this! @bestpaul1985

Unfortunately the link is prohibited access

“Access to this link has been disabled. Please ask the owner of the shared link to send a new link to access the file or the folder.”"
Could you share for us again?


OK, it is fixed! Thank you for letting me know about that!