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I gave a workshop on OF and ofxPd recently and one participant mentioned that new visitors may get the impression OF is moving slowly or not at all since the news section on is hardly ever updated. I agree with him … the last post is from 2009 and there is still no note about 007 being released.

Agreed, and I think this also ties in with the discussion here:

oF website direction:
addons direction:

I think being able to show development (either automatically or crowd sourced), will give the impression to more people that OF is both active, and a great resource for developers/creative-people. It doesn’t have to necessary come in the form of a press/news release, but anything is better than nothing.

what would be awesome is a github widget sitting in place of the current news feed. maybe augmented by a curated projects feed as mentioned in the “OF website direction” thread. i also like what CDM does with it’s CDM Flickr pool if you look at the right hand sidebar you see a flickr widget that contains pictures uploaded to the CDM pool.

there’s one I found, but it seems to be broken currently (at least it doesn’t work on the homepage the dev points to as an example)

Yeah, a github feed would be great, if it could be made so it showed all the repos that the OF account follows, itll also show news from addons…

Also a feed from #openframeworks in twiter

This was the last homepage design I did, in an attempt to make it more open & clean

The idea of showing the latest community content from twitter/flickr/youtube/vimeo at the bottom.

It needs someone who is good at web design to take a look at it though, as I’m certainly not good enough at it.

I’d be willing to help you as soon as I get some time. I used to do a lot of web development. Not my favorite task but a more, as you call it, open landing page would be ace!

One feed with results of projects, work in progress pictures and more news with exposed Of work could be good too, not only github feeds.

(but in one different feed, btw… )

Chris, is that a mockup or implemented? I could possibly spend some time helping depending on the tasks. There’s all types of wordpress github plugins. It should be pretty simple to use one that could be put on the front page and along the list of vimeo, flickr, youtube feeds. If you can send the wordpress theme, I can dev on my own wordpress install if that’s more ideal.

Should we combine this with the OF website thread?

Just a mockup in Fireworks.

Yes continue the discussion on the website direction thread.

Right now I don’t have time to do the new website, but I think it needs a lot more input from the founders and community as to what they want before diving in making changes.

I like the mockup already. We could always tinker around on a new version with another URL, and switch when everyone is satisfied, no?
As it is now, I think most changes will be for the better - I can definitely echo Dan’s experience about the homepage feeling dead/abandoned, and a couple automatic feeds would quickly rectify at least that.

every github user can get a link from its personal private github timeline. I use mine for google reader, so the only thing we need is a rss feed widget on the page which uses the personal rss feed fro mthe openframeowrks github user.