OpenFrameworks as a game "engine" for a simple 2D project

I’m looking into creating a small game- 2D “shooter” along the lines of Asteroids or Beat Hazard.

I mention Beat Hazard because it uses audio analysis to drive its gameplay depending on the intensity of the song you choose to play the game to. I’ve been tinkering with the various oF examples including FFT which just almost seems too good to be true.

Using FMOD to analyse audio was almost completely abstracted away into just one compact function call. Naturally, that means I need to take those values that ofSoundGetSpectrum(); return and use them to drive the behaviour of entities in my project.

Would sticking to OpenFrameworks for this kind of project be a good idea or are there much better options? If oF is the right place, could anyone point me to some examples, tutorials or general resources that might help out with this? I’m currently eyeing a few ofxAddons like ofxBox2D but I’m both curious and intimidated by oF’s ecosystem of addons.

What is the platform that the game is going to run on? OF supports just about everything. ofxBox2d would be great for this simple game.
If you are going to sell this game, you should take into account the FMOD license. It is free for non-commercial use. So, if you want to sell the game, you will need to purchase a license. Depending on the platform you want to target, there is usually sound addons that can accomplish this without FMOD.

Thanks for the reply, dood.

Honestly, selling it didn’t even cross my mind! My self-esteem is too low for that at the moment, but if I ever wanted to sell- I’d like to put it on as many platforms as possible. To my understanding, C++ along with oF is great for that portability but like I said, that wasn’t part of the plan. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out but for now, I’d just like to get it done for myself.

Consequentially, I hadn’t looked into FMOD’s licensing but thanks for the heads up. I only currently use FMOD since it was an easy copy+paste from the FFT example which gave me what I needed. I could replace it easily enough with the addon ofxFft, couldn’t I? It’s MIT licensed as far as I can tell.

Good to hear the positive reply because OpenFrameworks is the most fun I’ve had programming so far and would like to keep using it.