Openframeworks and Vs2015?

I am trying to get a new project to open with vs2015 and this is like pulling teeth.

Is this at all possible or no? Honestly i’m a little disappointed at the lack of documentation in this regard. Vs2012 is old hat at this point and i can’t get my hands on it, nor do i really want to.

What is the scoop?

OF 0.8.4 uses vs 2012, OF 0.9.0 which has a release candidate uses vs2015… Upgrading of 0.8.4 projects wont work as the libraries that of depends on are compiled for msvc v110 so you would have to recompile all the libraries to use them. You can use vs2015 for 0.8.4 so long as you dont upgrade the projects. If you do, change the toolset back to 110