openFrameworks and PINE64?

Bit of an early question, but we are thinking about purchasing some PINE64’s.

Would it be possible to use openFrameworks with the PINE64?
I really want to mess around with (shader textured) full-hd or 4k video on a microcomputer.

Currently we are using multiple Raspberry PI’s in sync, which allows textured 1280x720p video in the oF application.
Full-hd or 4k would be better! :slightly_smiling:

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I’d like to bump this question if someone here has made any testing. It seems that I cannot find anything about OF on this board, but on paper this is more than solid for the price… If you compare to RPi !

I’m trying to OF working on a ROCK64, the follow-up to the PINE64. It seems that it needs to ported to aarch64. I’m having problems with the installing the dependencies; it breaks on freeglut3-dev. I’m running a minimal ubuntu 18.04 install.

I want to help but have no idea where to begin. aarch64 seems to be 32 compatible, so I guess a tweak to the makefile could be a start.

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Did you make any progress @timistof? The PINE/ROCK64 look great … pcie :open_mouth:

No, I’m afraid not.