openframeworks and Juce


maybe stupid question, I am not C/C++ coder, maybe some day soon…

I was checking recently Juce
and i was wondering if there is any way to integrate OF into Juce somehow. Juce has OpenGL support and I have been told that it is a very nice and roboust proyect to work if one is interested on graphics and sounds.

again, i am just dreaming, i dont know C++, I just keep an eye on OF because I think it is very interesting proyect.


no it’s a great question!

theo and I were taking another look at juice, it’s really good stuff – much of the stuff we do it does, so there is a tremendous overlap, but there are some differences too – we tend to be much more into opengl and video processing, and juice seems to be more into user interface and sound. It’s a much more feature rich library, where as OF is really designed a small lightweight tool to get people started, so there amount of files / API size is much different.

we may very well try to use juce soon on a project, esp for the gui – I have run into it several times when researching quicktime eccentricities.

other libraries it’d be good to see OF commingling with are: SDL, irrlicht, ogre, and wxWidgets…

take care!!

ps: we’ve seen some folks rip out certain part of OF for their projects, like the sound player or the font class – we’ve tried to make the code friendly for that and we fully support that too…

also, one downside of juce is it’s license: GPL + commercial license, which might not be a downside for some people, but it means if you want to use it in a commercial project, you need to pay for it, and if you want to use it in an open source project, your rights are a bit limited (from my perspective) b/c your project will have to also be gpl. worth mentioning…

i was researching yesterday how to combine wxWidgets with OF but it seems quite a complex thing to do as they both have event loops that have to run in the main thread of the application (not totally sure about GLUT but in wxWidgets for sure).
it would be a good thing to have an wxWidgets app with an OF-window. i had some success with using parts of OF in an wxPython app but only by disabling the OF-event loop.