Openframeworks and GoPro camera compatibility

I’m currently building an application in which I intend to grab frames from a GoPro camera using openframeworks. Has anyone every tried this and had any compatibility issue?

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I can see that this is an old post, but would you share your experience with grabbing frames from a GoPro in oF? Has it worked? I was thinking about doing this as well, but haven’t had the chance to try it.

Hey @Cici -

I’ve just finished a project which grabs frames from the HDMI output of a Hero4 camera. I went with a $140 BlackMagic Mini Recorder box which takes the HDMI out from the camera and converts it to Mac Thunderbolt. Using ofxBlackmagic with the Mini Recorder worked extremely well.

(there are other addons, but that one worked great for me.)

Hope this helps!

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check out a small write-up on the project here: