openFrameworks 8, IOS 7 and ofiPhoneVideoPlayer

HI all,

I’ve been updating my old projects to work in IOS7 with the new openFrameworks 8 version, i’ve been getting lots of errors and one of those errors is that i cannot use ofiPhoneVideoPlayer to play a video. Not even the moviePlayer example is working!

there’s a print screen for the errors that i get with the moviePlayer example

Does anyone knot how to solve this?


ofxiPhoneVideoPlayer video;
( you need the x )

you should also be able to do:
ofVideoPlayer video;

note, both the video grabber and the player won’t run in the simulator.

Hi Theo!

That’s the original moviePlayer example from the 0.8.0 version. The example doesn’t work…
I think that the class name has change in the new version.


you’re right!
thanks for posting that - we’ll get it fixed.

in the meantime changing it to ofVideoPlayer of ofxiPhoneVideoPlayer should work for you.


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Hi, I’m trying to use a video player for developing iOS app.
ofxiOSVideoPlayer, ofxiPhoneVideoPlayer, ofVideoPlayer all three don’t work because of the following error above.

Any suggestions?
I’m using one of the latest nightly build of OF 0.9.0 for iOS.

I tried today’s latest nightly build and the error is gone now.

But I’m still struggling to load the video and stream from the server.

Any idea how to do this?