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Greetings everyone,

Thanks again for your interest in openframeworks. We just wanted to send out an update about the project. There’s a lot of activity, and want to give you some heads up about it.

007 Release

This summer we released a new version of OF, 007 which changes significantly the core of openframeworks. It has plenty of new features, such as SVG and PDF exporting, support for new 3d features with objects such as ofMesh, ofCamera and 3d loading with libraries like assimp. We also moved a variety of addons into the core, such as vector math and shader support.

The changelog, which is pretty extensive, is here:

and as it says, the core of OF has essentially doubled.

The development of this release was helped immensely by the Studio for Creative Inquiry, at Carnegie Mellon University, who we’d love to thank for supporting a group of the core OF developers to meet and hack on the new release at their space in Pittsburgh:

We’ll be organizing another developers conference for february – please see the bottom of this email.

New Website

We’ve been working on a new website that’s more dynamic, showing the activity in the forums, on github, and elsewhere online on the main site. It’s still rough, but we thought it was better to get it up and keep working on it live, then wait till it’s perfect. One thing to note is that the site is completely open and distributed, so if you’d like to follow or jump in, you can find it here:

You can track changes, post issues, fork, submit pull requests, etc. One thing that needs love is the documentation, and we’ll be updating this pretty heavily now that the site is up.


We’re really excited to see the recent launch of the ofxAddons site, created by James George, Greg Borenstein and James Hughes, which monitors and archives the developement of addons for openframeworks. Please check it out here:

and you can follow them on twitter:

Community Advocate / Leaders

We’re happy to announce Kyle McDonald has taken on the role of Community Advocate, something he had been doing somewhat un-officially for a while now. His responsibility is to help organize the energy of the OF community, to make sure different peoples contributions get worked into the core. One thing he’ll be focusing on is finding the first round of community leaders for different parts of the OF core ( ie 3D, sound, hardware etc ). Kyle will post a more detailed explanation of how these roles will work, but the idea is to have people involved in an official capacity to help drive all aspects of OF forward at the same rate and to also be a point of contact within the community for those parts of OF.

Contribution and Credit

OF 007 is the result of the work/energy/love of many people (whether directly as code and pull requests or indirectly in terms of feedback, support, developer meetups). Going forward we see this collaborative process continuing. We want to acknowledge the people who have put a lot of time into making openFrameworks what it is today so we will be adding a credits page to the new OF site to credit and thank everyone for their contributions. The amount of work and discussions in the community do not go unnoticed and we want to thank everyone who has contributed in ways both big and small. Thank You!

In the meantime, here’s a list of contributors to the core of OF on github:

OF WWDC in Detroit, Feb 20-27

In the same spirit of the developers conference we had at CMU, we’ve been invited by the Ford Foundation to host another conference, this time in Detroit. The main goal for this developers conference will be to focus on documentation, tutorials and examples - trying to find better entry points for beginners, more advanced users, teachers, etc. The conference will be a chance to develop examples to truly show off what is possible in OF as well a chance to discuss the roadmap for the next few OF releases.

Thanks to the generosity of the Ford Foundation, we should be able to fly in and host a dozen or so members of the OF community. We’re still putting together the official call but as soon as we have it, we’ll announce it on this mailing list, and on the forum. Here’s a forum thread about the event, in the meantime:,-feb-20-27-/8390/1

thanks again!
& happy holidays from the OF team

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