openFrameworks 0.9.0 Android setup errors on Eclipse

Hi, I finally managed to install openFrameworks 0.9.0 on Eclipse :)))))))

Here are the solutions for the 2 most common errors I see on the forums:

I. Make: ***This package doesn’t support your platform, probably you downloaded the wrong package?


  1. Open the C++ perspective: Window -> Open Perspective -> Other… -> C/C++
  2. Select openFrameworks in the Project Explorer
  3. Drop down the hammer button
  4. Select Android

II. Project ‘androidEmptyExample’ is missing required source folder: ‘gen’


  1. Select androidEmptyExample in the Project Explorer
  2. Go to Menu -> Project -> Properties -> Android
  3. Select Android-19 in the right side
  4. Click OK
  5. Clean & Build the project, the error will be disappeared
  6. Revert back to Android-21 and Clean&Build again. You will have no more error.

hey, thanks! can you send a PR to add this to the setup guide, to the FAQ section?

@Rancs @arturo

This is really a much needed info. I’ll have to develop an app in both windows and linux environments and it does not make much sense to use eclipse in one system and qt / vs in the other one.

I tried to install the OF plugin for eclipse in Windows but it didn’t allow it. Any solutions for this?

if you are developing for linux/windows desktop then you can use qt in both, eclipse is not so well maintaned anymore for the desktop anyway and will probably not be an official platform in the next release

if you are developing for android (that’s what this thread was referring to originally) then eclipse is now completely deprecated

this means that if someone want to start developing android with OF should use android studio? If yes, does it make sense to remove the link to “eclipse + ADT” from this page ?

there’s a new manual waiting to be published as soon as we do the next release but by now it won’t work so it’s better to wait a few days until 0.10 is ready

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