OpenFrameworkers in Vancouver?

Hey all,

I was just wondering if there are any other openFramers here in Vancouver? It would be cool to meet up for a beer (or coffee) and chat about current and future projects.


I’ve been looking for openFramers here fr a while. I know Moka is here doing some work for Tangible Interaction. But that’s it.

FYI, I’ll be hosting an intro to openFrameworks workshop in Vancouver at the Vancouver Hackspace this Thursday evening (7.22.10) -

I’ll be up there the first week of August and I’d love to meet up with some/every one, grab a beer/coffee, chat about oF/Interaction/Art. If I could swing by the Tangible Int. labs too that’d be a swell time!

I am still here, at least for the meantime. If we all want to get together for coffee sometime, I’d be happy to be there. My studio is just across the street from Tangible as well, you are all more than welcome to drop by anytime.

Awesome! I’ll send over a PM and get in touch that way. Anyone else who might want to meet up in early August is more than welcome to drop a line as well.

Hey Hellow all of you. @flyingoctopus @plong0 joshua and drosen
Im graduate student at the Centre for Digital Media. And im very interested in getting to know all of you guys.

I’ve known OpenFrameworks, Processing etc… for years, but never actually made something professionally. Im about to start a project for interactive installations.

Im in contact with Alex from T.I, Ben Z Cooper and Malcolm Levy will be my instructor next term. I really would like to form a community of developers around creative coding and interactive installations, who knows maybe collaborate together. I want to become an expert in Touch Designer, OF, Cinder, VVVV, Threejs, RaspPi, Arduinos, Tessel, EVERYTHING !! :smile:


Omar Juarez
Twitter: omarojo
Facebook: /omarojo

Hello @omarojo! Great to hear you’re at CDM, and that you’re in touch with the community. Feel free to email me at vincent [at] vanhaaff [dot] com or find me on fb as Vincent Pants. Keep in touch!

Good to read a reply. So I was thinking… theres already a “Processing” Meetup group, last month we had a Show & Tell session and used the CDM installations, because we have projectors, internet and tables. It is a very small community, but it would be great to make it grow, and make it super active. Like why not, do some workshops in different tools. This can happen either by ourselves, and then someone exposes what he learned, or bringing up experts in the tool.

I will try to get in touch with the organizers to keep this going.

@omarojo Word! Thats a good one. Do they still meet at Maker Labs (just moved to Bowen Island and have been out of the loop)? I also recommend utilizing VHS (Vancouver Hackspace) at and Maker Labs

Oh! And if you’re available Sunday night, you should also check out Eye Of the Storm at the Rio Theatre! I’ll be performing (assuming I get ofxPostProcessing compiling in Yosemite, debugging as we speak) a generative audio/visual performance piece that utilizes openFrameworks + SuperCollider + Max + Quartz (all glued together by Syphon, Ableton, and VDMX). I highly recommend coming out! Plus it’d be great to meet in meatspace!

Event info here:



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Hey man, I saw your performance, FASCINATING !!! pretty funny with the Teletubbies. I wonder how you mixed all the visuals and which parts where procedurally generated. This performances gave me lots of ideas for a stage like the Rio Theatre, something in which the audience is able to participate in the generated visuals in real time, like giving them control on individual particles (maybe using their phones) and somehow allowing them to play with the colors or sounds as the artist leads them through the story.