OpenFramework on Arch Linux x86_64

I just figured out how to install oF on my Arch64 box.
I wrote details here:

The thing seems to work, except I cannot hear any sound from “soundPlayerFFTExample” example, i get:

OF_ERROR: ofSoundPlayer: Could not load sound file data/sounds/rooster.mp3  

but the file exist… :shock:

Anyway can someone tell me if I installed it in the right way?
I want to wirte a PKGBUILD to automate installation, but I have to be sure of the process.

Thank you.

of points automatically to bin/data folder of your app, if your soundfile is in there then you just need to load “soundfile.mp3”. maybe this helps.


@ benben, thanks for your reply,

I edited paths into testApp.cpp but it doesn’t works.
I tried a lot of combinations, like:


but it gives me alwayse the same error.

I know that it’s not a sound problem because audioOutputExample works well. It seems a sort of “load-wav” problem.
Maybe I forgot a dependecy?

What can I do to make it work? :expressionless:

I don’t know if you already tested this version, because you don’t mentioned it:
if the file is in


then the correct path in of is


if it don’t works as well, than you can maybe try it with another filetype.


do other apps that load in media (like the imageLoader example) work?




give me the same error.


imageLoaderExample works, and moviePlayerExample seems to work… but it give me this error…

OF_ERROR: GStreamer: cannot query position  

I have to say that ArchLinux64 is not a multilib distro. Is possible that this is my problem?

if you have the file in:


you need to use


the data folder is automatically added by OF.

the cannot query position error, is normal, some times when seeking through a video gstreamer cannot get the exact position and it reports that error but it works anyway

Thank you for your reply but actually the problem is I can’t load sounds even if the path is:


For that reason I tried a lot of alternatives.

I run on ubuntu 10.04, but I have same problem. I want to compile soundPlayerExample & soundPlayerFFTExample with cli’s make. i will give the error msg

OF_ERROR: ofSoundPlayer: Could not load sound file data/sounds/synth.wav
OF_ERROR: ofSoundPlayer: Could not load sound file data/sounds/beat.wav
OF_ERROR: ofSoundPlayer: Could not load sound file data/sounds/Violet.mp3

but if I compile those example with code black, it can work .

there seems to be a problem with the makefile including a library that shouldn’t be included. i’m going to fix it but meanwhile, you just need to delete:


Hi arturo:
thanks for your help. I remove the in {OF}/libs/fmodex/lib/linux/. at this time. the soundPlayerExample can be work. :smiley:

It works for me too!
Thank you arturo!