opencvHaarFinderExample swapRGB() not working

Hi all,

I’m on Max OSX 10.7.2 using oF 007 and am trying to run the opencvHaarFinderExample. I’ve tried using several images, but it won’t run. When I comment out the swapRGB() function it runs properly, but with of course - the wrong color channels appear. I was wondering if anyone else has found this to be an issue and reach out to see what the solution might be.

The error from the consol output is:
warning: Could not find object file “/Users/theo/Documents/CODE/__OPENFRAMEWORKS/gitOF/openFrameworks/apps/devApps/macDragDropExample/buildGlutFrameworkHackedWindowLevel10.4/libForeground.a(macx_foreground.o)” - no debug information available for “/Users/mcast/Code/GLUT-ToPost/macx_foreground.m”.

Current language: auto; currently c++


there’s a bug in swapRGB that makes apps crash sometimes, try using the version from github:

Thanks Arturo!!! Appreciate it!!! You also just posted a great response to the same question if anyone just wants to update the ofPixels.cpp file (just in case):

You the man!