I have an urgent question regarding regarding openCV. I couldn’t find the answer
anywhere. So I hope someone here can help.

When you read a frame or image with OpenCV (e.g. cvQueryFrame()) will the frame
or image then always be converted into the RGB colorspace? Or will it be stored
in the OpenCV image buffer in it’s original colorspace(e.g. YUV if the original colorspace is YUV)?



hi luc,

quickly, for straight opencv questions, you might get good results asking here:

I definitely don’t want to discourage you from asking, and I’m sure someone will be able to give you an answer, but since this is an openframeworks forum it’s tricky for us to field straight opencv questions here. also, on the opencv mailing list, you can find more people who are using opencv directly and maybe a faster answer? hope that makes sense!

take care,

ps: I would guess it’s RGB, but since we have our own capture code (ofVideoGrabber) we typically don’t use opencvs…