OpenCV, OF decoupled usage

Hi. This is my first post to the forum and hence I cannot say I am very confident with OF usage. I am more like an OpenCV user.

In the introductory part of the OF tutorial it says "…One way that using a framework differs from using a library is that the flow of control is inverted. A library can be directly controlled by your code to perform a set of general tasks. In a framework your code responds to events controlled by the framework and uses the framework as an interface to access the functionality of other libraries… "

In my opinion this is OK if the framework (OF in this case) does most of the job in your program. I desperately need OF, especially for accessing IP cams and streaming the processed frames from different camera streams over web via addressing different ports thanks to the contributions/addons from Christopher Baker. Still I cannot let OF take the whole control for I would like OpenCV to have more role in my developments. In my humble opinion neither ofxOpenCV nor ofxCV are satisfactory and up-to-date. Hence I was wondering if there were any practical ways of standalone and up-to-date OpenCV usage.

Now I am simply contemplating using OF to grab frames from IP cams via ofxIpVideoGrabber add-on, writing those frames to disk, reading and processing them with my own/decoupled OpenCV code/development, writing again the processed frames to disk, calling again OF with ofxHTTP add-on to serve them on web. I guess I’ll also need an event management (signal/slot type or whatever, need to learn those things as well) to synchronize/communicate capturing and streaming sides.

I know that tihis is a kind of amateur attitude and hence I am asking suggestions/alternatives. In brief I want to blend library access and framework (OF) usage approaches for the sake of better OpenCV usage. Could you advise what is a proper pattern, SW structuring strategy for my purpose?