openCV, image refresh problems

I’ve got an image with transparency… the width and height of this image are controlled by the size of a color tracked blob. Because the size is constantly changing, the image ends up looking like a ghostly mess. How can I get the image to refresh without showing any remnant of its previously sized version?

Are you re-allocating the image every frame?

If so that will be slower than not doing that and re-using the same image.

You could fill it with black or white or whatever using:

ofxCvImage::set( int value )  


well ive tried using: ofSetColor(0xFFFFFF); after the image reference but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Can you explain how to implement your method?


Something like:

myOfxCvImage.set( 0 );  

I’m assuming you are using an ofxCvImage tracking colour blob, but maybe I’m wrong?