OPENCv help..!!

hi i have am a student in animation… and for my major project i am trying to do an interactive instalation…

i want to find a way with motion tracking to project my animation on the people rather the background… like the photobooth roller coaster effect … where the still in changed with video… but in invert… so the people who are moving to have the projected on them the video and not the background…

i have no idea of c++ language… and dont know how to use the xcode yet… is their an easy way to put this up… any tutorials… ?

thanks in advance…

love your projects… very inspiring!!

if you never ever coded a single line c++ is probably not going to be the most comfortable language to get your feet wet; also a computer vision project is not exactly the typical newbie project.

What you want to achieve is not particularly hard, if you can’t code, going into the details would be pointless; basically I see 3 options:

  1. you learn the basics of programming, you look into the OpenCV example and, when you’re comfortable with what you see, you come back here and we tell you how to move on (hardcore, it’s gonna take some time, but possible);

  2. you try a more graphical oriented environment like Pure:Data

  3. you decide you don’t like coding and you look for a coding partner for your project

whatever you decide to do, if you need a hand, we’re here :slight_smile: (hint: coding is awesome!)

hi.!! i tried to do it… but i couldnt work it out.!!
is anyone up for being a coding partner.!!
the piece is going to be in an exhibition … so the partner will be in the credits for sure…
am a student so i dont have lots of money… but if anyone want to help please do…!!
its very important for me.!!