OpenCV help, and anyone use Gamuza?

Hi, I am an installation artist, needing help in the technical aspects of a project that I am doing…
I am currently working with thin walls and want them to track people (walls will have motors that will rotate them).
The basic functionalities include three aligned walls which will track motion as people bypassing (walls will face the people), also generating sound as people gather near the walls (sound diminishes as they move away).
I would be very grateful if I could be guided into the technical aspects as I am fairly a novice in OF. (resources in the ofxOpenCV…tracking…sound increase/decrease based on how far the person is from the camera…)
I came upon the software Gamuza, and would like to know if this is commonly used.

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

I don’t completely understand your project… but you can checkout is a toolkit for sensing people