openCV functions not yet wrapped in OF.

Hey all, I’m about to embark on a journey in this project where I’ll need functions from openCV like calcGlobalOrientation, CalcOpticalFlowPyrLK, and a few others. Has anyone looked at these. I’ll be trying to get them to work mixed in with the OF code I already have working in this project. If anyone has done anything with them, I’d love to not have to reinvent the wheel.

Well, in my project I play with stereo images and OF doesn’t deal with it. It’s OpenCV that does the work!

OF can help you grab your images, draw them, do some transformations but it also allows you to use OpenCV code. You can thank getCvImage() (it’s an ofxOpenCV function) for that! For example, you can create an iplimage with that and do whatever you want with OpenCV!

Thanks! I searched “Lucas-Kanade” on this forum and found 2 examples of folks who have done some. This got me up and working. I’ll look into getCvImage().