Opencv face detection on IR video

I was wondering if people could share their experience using face detection on infrared camera images.

I have done a test with ofxFaceTracker and the build in OS X coreImage tracker via ofxCoreImageDetector.
Both do detect faces but the faces have to be much closer to the camera than in a regular light situation.

Is there a call in opencv to specify the type of image that the tracking happens on? I am guessing not, because google didn’t turn up much.

I know with “Seeing Machines” commercial tracking system you can set if the video is IR or not.


What IR camera are you using? I tried Kinect1 IR image with ofxFaceTracker, but the resolution is bad (not the pixel resolution but wide-angle lens makes everything appear small, so you have to be close enough to the camera).

Btw, ofxFaceTracker seems not using color image anyways:

i have tried it with a logitech c920 without the ir cut filter in this custom housing

and an IR illuminator.

i have read that face detection looks for the white line on the bridge of your nose, where the light reflects more and the dark of your eye and some other stuff.
I am guess in an IR image these features do not look the same necessarily.