Opencv extra modules

I would like to say thanks for this great framework
i’m building an app that detect people with HOG detector , and i need to track them with KCF tracker using this extra module

Is there any way to add this module to work correctly with openframeworks.??

Thanks in advance

Hi, that module is part of opencv3.
There shouldn’t be any problem using that openCv module along with OF, as long as you have opencv3.

The current OF release (0.9.8) comes with opencv2.4.9 precompiled.
The current github master comes with opencv3.1 but you’ll need to run some scripts for making the whole thing to work, which depend on your OS. Which I do not recommend if you’re not used to.

I think that could download apothecary which is this tool that OF uses to build it’s libraries. Place it in your openFrameworksFolder/scripts/ and run it according to its readme. This should build opencv3.

Let me know how it goes.

i’m using this framework with visual studio, and it will be deployed in a raspberry pi, so should i run this script in both systems ?? (win 10 and linux)

I think it must be.
I’m not sure about how to compile it for the raspberry, if on the raspi itself or on a more powerful linux computer (on the raspi it will probably take really long)

Probably @arturo has a better answer.


okey thank you (y)