OpenCV Color keying

Hi @ all,

i would like to ask if it is possible with the current opencv library to select a color, then remove it? like color keying in after effects.

would be glad to hear something about it


hey circassia,

im not sure there is a single method that will do this for you in opencv… although if there is, id def like to know about it.

personally i think the easiest way is to go through each pixel in your image, check if the value falls within a certain colour bounds (for example, between 120 and 140) and if so, make that pixel another colour.


Hi Julapy,

I didn’t make a big research on this subject but i think if there were something than it wouldn’t be so hard to find. Therefore i think there is no solution at the moment.

Hmm maybe i should really do it by my selfe. I could set the opacity of those pixel who are in my range to 1 That could work. That would be a very dirty way i think, if i watch Keylight from foundary… :wink: