OpenCV, C++, Xcode Tutor wanted

Hello, I’m new to the forums. I’m currently a masters student at MIT and I’m now learning how to use OpenCV in c++/Xcode on a mac.

I originally learned how to program in c++ about 10 years ago and I’ve forgotten almost everything (but I’m hoping it will come back quickly). Fortunately I recently learned Java (I took 1.00 at MIT).

I’m running into all sorts of problems that a seasoned pro (or even novice!) could probably solve very quickly.

Ideally I’d find a tutor who can help me out. Pay is anywhere from $15/hr to $30/hr depending on experience.
Interested. Msg me directly or reply to this post.

Must have direct experience in OpenCV and c++. Preferably using Xcode.

location: Either NYC or Boston/Cambridge (or somewhere nearby)