openCV and particle systems

Hey everyone, really new to OF but getting there slowly bit by bit. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to access data from a contour in OpenCV and use it to control a particle system.
Something like this-
The key questions are how do I access the contour data from a blob, and how does a particle system work with a huge attractor (let’s say, in this case, using the blob as the attractor) I come from a motion graphics/animation background so the logic of particle systems are pretty foreign to me. Thanks in advance, everyone!


I dont have much experience with OpenCV, but I have seen some posts to something call ofxCvContourFinder, that is as much as I can help in that subject but I can help with the other topics, for the particle system you can check the OF wiki page here it will get you started on the basics, and for the attractor there are different techniques to achieve that kind of behaviour on of them can be to create a vector field form the video capture, and you can find information about that on the OF wiki page as well here

Hope that helps

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