OpenCV advice... On counting multiple moving objects

I’m new to openframeworks and OpenCV. But I have been building web backed ends for more then a decade… So the c++ stuff with OpenCV is most of the syntax learning curb right now.

What I’m trying to understand is the flow of my data to get the output I’m looking for.

My project goal is:
Open a video clip, then analyze the video tracking the number of objects on the screen and how many of them pass a specific area on the screen.

Could some one lead me down the right direction of the functions I would have to use to prep, process, and count objects?

Thanks a million for any input or ideas!!!

Check ofxCV and the Contours tracking activity. You can specify color weight etc about the objects you want to track and then get the x,y coordinates from the objects.

Can you be specific about the syntax you are having trouble picking up? It will be easier to figure out areas you are having trouble with if we know what is tripping you up :smile: