Open source, GPU-accelerated video codec

Hi all.

I guess this might be a utopian dream, but I’m looking for a video codec which is:

  • Open source
  • GPU-accelerated
  • Capable of both recording and playing back within OF

Something like the magnificent HAP-codec, but that is open source, supported on Linux and can be recorded to within OF. Does anything like it exist? What’s the closest one can get? And if not, does one need to be a computer scientist to be able to support such a project?

The only thing which came to mind is:

But I thought it was abandoned. If you find any please post it!

with the newest gstreamer you can decode in the gpu but we haven’t updated OF to use it yet. not sure if webm is supported but i think it’s the only format that might be and is opensource, as in the format it self not being patented… h264 is suported and there’s opensource decoders although the format it self is not

VP8 is open source (WebM is the container) but it does not yet enjoy the wide hardware decode support that H.264 does. Even among Android devices, VP8 hardware decode support hardly expands much further back than the current generation, and hardware encoding is virtually unavailable:

Lots of variables in this question, desktop vs. mobile, decode vs. encode. Perhaps along the same lines as HAP, if you have a very fast disk and lots of storage, how about an image sequence? :grinning:

Hey askbre,

Actually the HAP codec is already totally opensource:

and there’s already an OF add-on for using it written by bangnoise:

I would note that recording directly to HAP is somewhat tricky because the data-rate is very high, so you need a very fast disk to keep up.

Thanks for all your great replies!

For my use lately I’ve simply grabbed the texture directly from ofVideoGrabber and stored it in an array or used .png-image sequences, but would love to use HAP when dealing with prerecorded video (I believe it’s faster than image sequences, and a bit less cumbersome in terms of file handling). The only problem being me using Linux.

Are there any plans on porting HAP to Linux? And if not, any tips on where to start doing research in order to write an addon like ofxHapPlayer, but circumventing quicktime?