Open OF V0.9.4 project in Mac OS Mojave

Dear Forum,

I need to open a project that has been realized with OF 0.9.4 on Mac OS Mojave.

Is that even possible? And if yes, what is the procedure?

I was also thinking about porting the project to newest OF version. But there needs a lot of changes to be done to compile it without errors. I am looking for the most rapid solution, as I am under time pressure.

What would you advise?


I would port to 0.98 which shouldn’t be a terrible jump from 0.94 and use the tips in the forum for removing the 32 bit target – you can build 0.98 in most recent Xcode (11.5) with those changes

Thank you for this idea, works like a charm :slight_smile:


this is for 0.9.8.
but i hope this helps you.

i think, problems are about 32bit arch (what zach pointed) and about codesign (and xcodeproj formats…?)
this zip was fixed these.

(BUT I DIDN’T TEST 0.9.4…)