Open frameworks in Windows 10 + Visual Studio 15 RC

Just getting started with Windows OFX development. Can any OFX experts tell me how to get ofx 0.8.4 compiling properly using VS 2015 RC?

So far no luck, whenever I open a .sln file get an Upgrade popup

Upgrade VC++ Compiler and Libraries

and then many errors when I build-compile.
one common error seems to be
syntax error: identifies ‘_Dynamic_tag’ in oftypes.h Line 188.

In my Project properties>General>Platform Toolset is correctly set to Visual Studio 2015.

Is there a fork of OFX that might work or, do I need to install and compile with an older version of VS?

Any feedback appreciated?

vs2015 won’t work with 0.8.4, you always need to use the version specified in the download page in the setup guide. for 0.8.4 is vs2012.

you can also use the 0.9RC or the latest nightly build which will work with vs2015

Thanks. Is 0.9RC the Master branch on github or??

0.9RC1 was a release candidate we did a couple of weeks ago, github master has some fixes in it that weren’t there but the best is to use the nightly builds that you can find in the download page, since those have both the latest fixes but also the project files and the compiled project generator which is not present in github

thanks but still no luck even after using the latest nightly build, the project generator to create a simple example and then opening the .sln and building in VS 2015 RC

Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error C2061 syntax error: identifier ‘_Dynamic_tag’ (compiling source file src\ofApp.cpp) f:\01_work_in_progress…\of_latest_vs_nightly\libs\openframeworks\types\oftypes.h 349

ok, getting closer. With VS Express 2012 + RELEASE version of OFX examples almost compile. Getting the following compile error

Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘stdint.h’: No such file or directory


Thats strange the errors you posted don’t sync up with the lib files that I have. ofTypes.h only has 320 lines in my build of openframeworks. Are you compiling a blank app or are you trying to port over an app that you wrote in another version of openframeworks. If you are doing the latter and are using dynamic tag that no longer exists so you will get errors which seems like the error you got when trying to do the nightly build.

As for the VS 2012 express issue my compiler does not throw that error

Thanks . I’m obviously doing SOMETHING wrong but

within 0.8.4 release directory clicked project generator, Created a new project in apps/myapps

When I launch and build the .sln file using VS2012 it mostly compiles but hangs with the EXACT same error.
Cannot open include file: ‘stdint.h’: No such file or directory in ofConstants.h line 2

Cannot open include file: ‘list’: No such file or directory in ofArduino.h line 27

Any suggestions for further troubleshooting most welcome

Are you on update 4 for visual studio 2012? you can try changing the include in ofConstants to #include < cstdint > but that shouldn’t be the solution as your ide is clearly not seeing standard system files

I may try just redownloading the openframeworks, making sure you’re up to date with VS 2012 and restarting your computer. It could be that the system PATH needs to be updated which doesn’t always happen until you restart your computer

Thanks again. Will check the versions of VS 2012. At least from your response I have some confidence that compiling works without issues on Windows. Will keep trying…

I should hope it does we spent a lot of time making sure things compiled on VS2015 in multiple architectures and so far the issues have been generally minimal in the RC concerning compilation on windows

Is there a possibility that dual installs of BOTH VS 2015RC AND VS12 release 4 is causing my issues?
Am going to uninstall VS2015 just in case…

I believe that would be unlikely. I have VS 2012, 2013, and 2015 all installed on my computer and there hasn’t been a conflict yet. Unless you are mismatching toolsets but if you get a prompt to upgrade the projects, don’t that will change the toolsets to the wrong one.

Thanks. Having better luck using Codeblocks. My only outstanding hurdle is getting a project that successfully compiles in OSX XCode to compile in Windows X Codeblocks

So I ran into a similar problem where the macros for visual studio went missing. This is probably the same problem you were experiencing
If you go to project properties (right click on the Openframeworks Project) -> VC++ Directories -> Include Directories (move mouse to the right side and on the drop down click edit) -> Macros

check to see that $(VC_Include) is defined like so: