Open Framework or Papervision? Advice needed


I`m looking into visualizations and looking at the right software / coding to use.

I have heard great things about Papervision 3d. And would love to hear what makes Open framework worth investigating compared to Papervision or something similar.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing more about this! Really I am!!!

Should say I have a background in 3D animation, but work for a company looking to really go out of the box ( If you’re the right person, I might have the perfect job for you, $$$ )

Your input will really help my decision, thanks!

Jesse (BigWest1)

Comming from a Flash background I like Papervision a lot.
But as everything it all depends of your needs, deployment means and so on.

I use papervision (Flash in general) just for web content.
If I need more power (graphics and porcessor) I use OF, of course this content is meant to be run on a certain machine.
Papervision is very limited in terms lightning, shaders, polygon number and quality in general, you must prepare all your 3d content for a very low polygon count an low res textures.

I would recommend learning both of them, but maybe it is easier to start with papervision:

Thanks Xumo,

So let’s say now I take it from a different approach.
My company wants to make a very high level 3D/2D knowledge visualization, using data feeds, dynamics, particles, navigation, artistic and beautiful,basically want this thing to wow.

I understand that my level of knowledge won’t do that. But if I wanted to push the boundaries and not be limited to polygons, machines, lighting, etc. Will allow 3rd party software linkups and grow as my company grows. (And I know there is not a perfect answer to this) but what ‘software’ would I use / hire a guru to use? Focusing on web delivery (browser).

Thanks again for previous reply and looking forward to the next!!!
You a huge help!


Focusing on web delivery.

You should take a look at:

Hope that helps, and don´t give up on OF :wink:

Well, Papervision is a bitch to learn because the documentation is very sparse and / or of low quality. This project contains several examples that I have constructed in order to study the functions of Papervision3D.