Open Framework or Papervision? Advice needed


I`m looking into visualizations and looking at the right software / coding to use.

I have heard great things about Papervision 3d. And would love to hear what makes Open framework worth investigating compared to Papervision or something similar.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing more about this! Really I am!!!

Should say I have a background in 3D animation, but work for a company looking to really go out of the box ( If you’re the right person, I might have the perfect job for you, $$$ )

Your input will really help my decision, thanks!

Jesse (BigWest1)

Depends on the needs you have for a platform I think. If you want to display dynamic animations on a website, then Papervision (i.e. Flash player) is better. If you’re showing stuff in a physical location OF is much more powerful than the Flash Player (shaders, real graphics card access). Processing might be interesting for you too.