Open CL

I have had a look at the MSAopenCL examples and I want to get a pointer of where to start to learn to use it. I kind of understand how it works but I have no idea how to use it. I want to make a long exposure effect, so just a blend, I know I have to code the function in openCL in the .c file (if I do understand) but I dont know where to start. I had a look at the API from Kronos but it is not so clear to me. If someone could point to some simpler and video based examples or resources I would love to check them out.


If you want to do graphics programming (blending, exposure, etc) you should look at shaders. With openFrameworks it’s possible to use shaders with the ofShader class. OpenCL is meant as a tool for ‘general’ (non-graphics) programming on the GPU, which can be a huge advantage when dealing with parallel problems.

MsaOpenCL works good for Mac there is no implementation for windows and Linux. I had used in Ubuntu with some of course adaptations but not get working all the examples .Could be different reason fo that (GPu spec, OS…) but when i start from scratch i was able to do what in MSAOpenCL i can not able. I say this, not to persuade you to not use it, but as advice. To do cross platform this addon require interest from community to test and contribute, i hope that this addon (or another equivalent) could be improved in a near/long future. As suggested by @daanvanhasselt try to use ofShader instead and if you require absolutely parallel computing go with MSAOpencl or directly with OpenCL.
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Thanks both for your replies. I guess I was confused about the point of openCL. My interest came from seeing the MSAOpenCL examples an getting 800 fps on a blur. I wanted to work eventually with multiple cameras at high resolution and this seemed a way to get more performance but I want to do image manipulation so I guess I was looking in the wrong place.