Open beta launch of! Call for participation!

After lots of hard work, I am proud to announce the open beta launch of a new social platform for creative and emergent interactive technology called It’s a nice companion to openframeworks and other creative sites.

techsparked creates a platform for sharing, learning, discussing, promoting, and meeting people with interests in spreading information in new ways and between people through the use of creative and emergent interactive technology.

techsparked is like the or for creative technology!

After a short private beta period (which some of you participated in), I am proud to announce!!!

You can see my personal profile on techsparked
and the openframeworks page here:

openFrameworks users (I’m one of them!!) produce a lot of great work and I hope you’re able to share and promote yourself and openframeworks on techsparked!

It’s rather awesome,I have been searching materials relate to these stuffs for my paper.and it really helps me.