Open a Window on a Specific Display in Xubuntu

I am working on an installation that, unfortunately, includes multiple brands of projectors being fed from 2 AMD Firepro w600 cards from a server running Xubuntu 12.2.

The easiest setup for this (or, rather, the only setup that works) is using Multiple Separate desktops. Or, at least, 2 separate desktop (one for each brand of projector).

Now, I can spawn an app in whatever desktop I need from terminal with: DISPLAY=":0.x" ./nameofapp

This is, of course, stupidly inefficient and is no solution at all.

Is there an equivalent with GLFW or GLUT for the DISPLAY= command? Is there another library I can use to open multiple windows on multiple displays in Xubuntu?

Thanks for your help.

have you tried using ?