onResume Orientation Bug


this is my first post here, so i would like to thank all of you for the great work!

I’m porting an application from iOS to Android.
I was quite lucky when i found that the original developer did use OF !

Most of the app had been easy to port, but i’m stuck with some strange bugs:

The App must display LANDSCAPE only.
I did set that in the AndroidManifest, and when the app start, the display is
put in landscape… so far it’s all right.

The problem is when i pause the App (home or return button)
and i get back to it (from history or buy relaunching it),
the display is set to PORTRAIT (and locked to), so everything is messy!

I must quit the App, and remove it from the History, then start it again
to be back on landscape orientation.

Why the Orientation specified in AndroidManifest is not kept on Resume ?

I also tried to set nohistory = true in the Manifest, but it doesn’t seems
to work (when i leave the app and i come back, the app is resumed no restarted,
and with this strange orientation change…)

I’m using the git version of OF, with Eclipse Juno, the project is still set to API 8 (default config)
but i’m testing it on two JellyBean devices : a Samsung Galaxy S and an Asus TF300
and the problem occurs on both devices.

Do you have any idea why the orientation is forced to Portrait on Resume ?

Thanks a lot

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i got the same problem with the OF examples !

I can start examples in Landscape, works well.
I can change orientation, the App follow.

If i quit and recall the app (still in memory, just in pause)
The App is Locked in Protrait even if i’m Landscape or if i turn the device !!

To be back on normal operation, i must quit the app, open history, remove the app, and restart it…

Problem found with real devices API 16 and on AVD API 15 …

No body has a clue ?



= issue now discussed here :