Online documentation searchable?

I’m a new student of openFrameworks with a question: is there a way to search the online documentation to find a specific function?

I’ve got CodeBlocks and OF working. The first example (graphics) compiled and ran with dazzling results. I noted I could highlight and click on a function in the editor and discover all the variant arguments for that name.

But while browsing documentation at (mountains of it, thanks!) I’m unable to quickly locate any specific function. My example is the ofRunApp() called in main.cpp: I don’t know which subset of the docs in which to start a manual search.

Is there a search tool I’ve overlooked?

in the index you can search using the browser, just press ctrl/command-f and look for the function name

you can also use google to search the docs: at the end of your search add:

arturo: Muchas gracias amigo for the quick responses! I’ll use your suggestions.