Online documentation: expand by default

i’m loving 0.9.0. Thanks for all the hard work. I would like to recommend that categories and functions be expanded by default on the documentation site. When the categories are collapsed, i’m not able to quickly search the page for the function or class i’m hoping to learn more about.

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Yes! I agree completely. :slight_smile:

Or just implement a proper search function.

The idea behind having the categories collapsed by default was that right now we have too many classes and functions to have them all show by default, i understand that when looking for a specific function is easier but for beginners who land in the docs page for the first time seeing the categories like that with links to each module’s introduction is much more understandable. there’s probably a way to remember your preference by using some kind of javascript local storage or similar so once you expand the docs they’ll appear expanded the next time you visit the site.

also the repo for the site is in any contributions in that direction or a search function would be really useful