Online book - documentation

Have recently discovered this tool:

it’s similar to a wiki but it’s oriented to create an online book, it allows to publish the book in several formats like pdf and can be formated using css. The tool was created by the people at floss manuals to make it easier to publish their manuals for opensource soft:

i’ve started a test just to see how it works:

i think it can be great for having a more extensive documentation. things like:

can be perfect as contents to have in an online book.

There’s a sample of the pdf output in:

I love the idea of an openframeworks book. Booki looks interesting, too.

I’m just a little concered about layouting and code snippets? Does it provide basic features for it? I couldn’t find anything but was only looking very shortly…

i haven’t tried that much but i guess if its used for the floss manuals it should. as far as i know it uses css for the layouting so it should be a matter of changing the default styles.

also the style in the webpage for booki seems a little wonky but it can be installed in your own server and customized.

Apart from exporting to pdf it has tools like chats inside the edition windows a la piratepad which makes it a great tool for collaborative edition.

I guess all the tutorials in the current wiki could be moved to a tool like this

Interesting Arturo. I signed up and it looks fairly simple to use. I’m not 100% sure if it’s better than using the wiki and then a PDF extension tool like

It would also have to probably be on to make sense. Being on wouldn’t be as ideal.

It would be nice to fill in some content from the wiki over to booki and see how it turns out.

It is available for download. So having it on the server shouldn’t be a problem. And as you say, arturo, the design is a little wonky :slight_smile: but that should be okay. It might be a good and non technical way of showing documentation and learning material and therefor a good counterpart to something very code oriented like doxygen. (a doc I have used quite extensively lately, btw)
But I also think, to be good, it requires a lot of work to be a really useful resource. It’s not just documenting functions, but rather explaining backgrounds and intension, something like an essay. But we’re quite a few people so it might work out.
About it being better than a wiki. It’s probably not. But I like the approach to order something in a bookish way (with chapters, titles, etc…). In a wiki you don’t have this sort of thread going thru the whole thing and tying it together.