On the fly video editor and sound synchronization

Hello there,

I have some technical reflections on an concept in my head:
I’m looking to create a live and random video editor. Explanations: The objective is to be able to play random videos from a “video pool” and cut to anoher randomly picked video each time the user press a key. And of course the transition should be timeless.

I already thought of building some kind of video buffer, having array of textures from each frames of the video. And that randomly picked video can be preloaded before the user interact.

The problematic is that I still have to load videos in this buffer, which will take time.
So do someone knows how to have a fast video loader? Maybe loading not all the frames at the same time but just the beginning and then “streaming” the rest?

At the same time I’d like to play sound, typically the sound linked to the video file, but as the video will be textured I should play audio separatly. How is it possible to manage the synchronization?

That’s it. I’m looking for tips and ideas, examples of similar projects, proof that it can’t works…


if you use ofVideoPlayer you have sound sync for free and if you use loadAsync it will load the next video without blocking the main thread. do you need to use an array of textures for any reason?

I don’t really need an array of textures. I thought I would have to cause I already did some tests with basic ofVideoPlayer, and had some latency.

I’ll give a try to loadAsync and give some returns.

Thank you.