OMXPlayer: problem compiling basic example

Hi, I tested OMXPlayer in a Raspebeery Pi B a few month ago and it worked fine. Now I have a B+ model and when I’m trying to compile the example-basic I have a fatal error: libavcodec/opt.h: no such file or directory.
I’ve installed libav via: sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev libpcrecpp0 libva-dev libva-x11-1 libva1
I am missing something?
Thanks in advance.

@jvcleave do you have any idea? I’m using your version.

sounds like this:

Thanks for the quick answer @jvcleave! So I need to create a .h with that code and put it in that folder? I wonder why isn’t there in the repository, it’s very strange.

I did it and now it’s compiling, I will wait now, hope everything it’s ok, thanks again!

I can compile now but when I execute the app there is only a grey background and the information about the clip. The info about the clip is displayed but currentframe is always in 0.