OmxPlayer example is not loading


Hi, I’m trying to compile ofxomxplayer using the rpi2 under JESSIE and OF.9.3. The code is compiling but when it try to load the video file it fail. Alredy try moving the file but still the same here is the what i get in the terminal any idea?

I can’t recall the status of of 9.3, but I can confirm that the native ofVideoPlayer (which uses gstreamer) now has omx-like video acceleration (sometime in the last year gstreamer got an omx component). Anyway, I’ve got 7 RPI’s playing HD videos via ofVideoPlayer right now without a hitch.

Hey @bakercp ,
Really ? I first try the ofVideoPlater but is very slow on my pi.
how is your setup?

I’m just using ofVideoPlayer as normal. It isn’t quite as smooth as omxplayer, but it’s quite acceptable. One key is to make sure that your video is encoded in an omx-friendly way. Use a fast sd card, and something like this:

Thanks! but in my case also using OPC so the video is really slow. I need to use the omxplayer it run’s very smooth using OPC but thanks! good advice.

Are you using the release version?

I think so i donwloaded this

that will default to master - for 0.93 I would try the released version in the above link

Cool! thanks :grinning:

Hi @jvcleave,
How is going did you was able to release it?

same link as before

Cool! i will try it.

Hey, i try in OF9.3 and i get no error but the video dosn’t show up, any idea?

is this just the example that is failing? maybe trying setting your GPU memory to at least 256

Yeah! using the examples. I change the GPU still the same.
I’m using jessie by the way.