older versions of openCV wrapper?


im trying to run face tracker in 0.05 although it seems to be using an older version of openCV, all source files are named as ofxCvMain instead of ofCvMain as in the current version.

im quite new to openframeworks and finding it tricky running older examples.

is there anywhere i can still download the older ofx version of openCV wrapper?

many thanks.

the ofx notation was introduced in 0.05 to make it clear what was an addon and what is OF based code. if you want to see opencv in the pre ofx way, you can download 0.04 here:


but there are alot of important changes that make 0.05+ worthwhile, such as bug fixes, etc, and you might wind up with problems / find it hard to get support for 0.04 era code…

take care!

ah cool, thx for letting me know zach.
its only for the purpose of getting these old sketches to work… then i can pop them into v006.