Old OF Apps and Mojave (Camera)

I have a bunch of old OF apps that I wanted to run again. I can open most of the .apps but anything that uses the camera does not work on Mojave due to security settings. Without trying to rebuild each app, does anyone have a workaround to get them running?


if you add nscamerausage (or something similar) to the plist it should work. it’s a camera permissions thing similar to iOS, where the app needs get approval. You add a string like “we need access to the camera for this app” and when the software launches the app asks you for permission the first time.

one note is that I’ve found on older Xcode (such as 9.4.1) if you add this plist it doesn’t work when you run from within Xcode but it does when you double click the app. in your case, you can probably modify the plist without rebuild anything in order to get camera permissions.