Old addons linking errors

Hi all!
I am new to openFramworks and I currently want to use some addons for my project. Almost all of them fail to compile with of_v0.9.3_osx / XCode 7.3 and keep giving me the same kind of error. I am now trying to use the ofxSpeech addon and the ofxSpeechSynthesizer can be used but ofxSpeechRecognizer can’t.

I googled all similar questions and I tried to adapt the building settings like Architectures but other errors occur. I tried to use the older version of openFrameworks but the project generator doesn’t work. I also downloaded older version of Xcode and it is stuck on “verifying…”. I am sorry for the stupid question. But it really wastes the whole day in it,

Thank you!

most probably those addons were done before we had support for 64bits so thir libraries are only compiled for 32. you can select the target in xcode in the dropdown next to the run and stop buttons