old 64k intro ported over to openFrameworks


After a local meetup here in stockholm i realised i should probably post some code, so here it is… the sourcecode for our 8 year old 64kb intro with the very creative name “glAss” :slight_smile: - ported over to openFrameworks (v0.05)

Tested under OSX with Xcode and Win32 using CodeBlocks.

Here’s a screenshot:

Download links (in swedish):

Direct links to the downloads:

http://www.possan.se/junk/glAssExampleOSX.zip (OSX+Xcode)
http://www.possan.se/junk/glAssExampleWin32.zip (Win32+Codeblocks)

wow wow wow. haven’t looked at the demo or the code or anything yet but this is awesome awesome awesome. open source 64k intros! cross-platform no less. please ask all your scener friends to come play with us too! :slight_smile:

Not that this compiles down to anywhere near 64k using openframeworks but all the effects, images and music is all there in it’s original form. it’s only the hacked up win32-plumbing that has been removed. maybe i should put that code up too.

thanks, man!
I can’t wait to get back home and give it a try! :slight_smile:


yeah, for sure… thing is i lost interest in most of the demoscene beyond the 64k stuff around the time that 3D cards became huge. 1995-by-mfx/kewlers makes me happy though…

more i’m excited about folks with a demoscene background starting to appear on the forums… there aren’t many sceners engaged in the more ‘art-world’ end of digital/new media/software art, which is where most of the (current) oF users are coming from, even though i’d argue strongly that demos are an important angle on software art that remains mostly unknown outside of the scene.


I have to agree there, there’s no limits push anymore, atleast not in the demo-category, just buy yourself a faster graphicscard and put some more polygons in there, there sure is some impressive technology/programming skills in some of the newer demos working with realtime radiosity things, but i think the peak where i still could get impressed with demos were back in the non-accelerated days, like, how the h*** could you render that many glenz-vectors on a 486, or raytrace an entire world at high framerates (like heaven7)

I keep following the 64k-scene though, farbrausch surely pushed the 64k-limit a bit forward with the.product, rgba has done some intresting stuff too…