managed to get OF working on Android, now i’m trying to figure out how to get qrcode recognition on it working. Trying out https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxZxing but there are no instructions for android and i’m not quite sure how to include addons with external references into the eclipse project. was trying to avoid dealing with library inclusion/linking altogether, by just including the whole zxing source along with the wrapper and change the path references on the header files, but it seems eclipse doesnt like template Ref’s for some reason.

anyone has any experience with this? would sure be nice to trade dirty info with someone.

The build system has changed rather a lot since 007, to include and addon just go to you your project’s directory and there you’ll find a file named addons.make. Open it with your fave editor and add ofxZxing there on a line by itself.
That will add the addon directory to the compiler’s search path.

Good luck!

Of course, I am assuming that you have ofxZxing installed in your OF/addons directory.

oh, didn’t know about that. thanks for the hint!

tried it just now, got a heapload of undefined references to anything zxing.
also tried a new tree structure for a /addons/ofxZxingAndroid
| libs | zxing | include | zxing |
| libs | zxing | lib | zxing | osx | libzxing.a
| src |

but i guess i need to figure out how to compile a zxing android .a out of the cpp codebase, not sure how.
or include zxing directly on the ofxZxing sourcecode, still getting Ref compilation errors.

managed to get it compiling by including the core of zxing cpp as a subdirectory in ofxZxing/src.
just needs local re-referencing on the main root files and a #define NO_ICONV on DecodedBitStreamParser.cpp

crashes on the phone afterwards. but it could be anything else doing the crash, not ofxZxing, have to do more tests.

Have you tried to structure your addon like other addons? See OpenCV for example. OFX specific stuff goes to src/, extenrnal dependencies go to libs/.

Anyway you are past the compile, so your approach is also working. Why it crashes on the phone is anybody’s wonder though.

I’ve just spent seven hours tracking down a phone crash as well and I’ve surely had more joyful coding sessions in my life. :wink:

Good luck!

managed to remove the crash, was related to something else, not ofxZxing, so, yeah, it works and detects qrcodes as intended :slight_smile:

uploaded code to github in case anyone finds it useful

If you could package this up nicely it’d be awesome to put a pull request in for Kyle so that the zxing addon could be more complete.