ofxYAML namespace error

I’m trying to port an old project to oF v0.11.0.

I’m using ofxYAML and it throws this error:

/home/xxx/of-v0.11.0/addons/ofxYAML/src/ofxYAML.h:15: error: ‘YAML’ is not a namespace-name
   15 | using namespace YAML;
      |                 ^~~~

I’m on Manjaro Linux using Qt Creator.

My guess is that the compiler is not including yaml libs. When first creating the project I used addons.make, but switched to .qbs file because I had installed the wrong ofxYAML addon and didn’t know how to fix the link in the project.

Any idea on how to fix this?

you may try to edit the of.includePaths in your .qbs file, like this :

of.includePaths: ['/home/xxx/of-v0.11.0/addons/ofxYAML/libs/yaml-cpp/include']
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That solved it, thanks!