ofxXMPP on Android

Hi all,

I am working via git sources of OF (for Android), and trying to get ofxXMPP working. The first step was compiling libstrophe for android, which I did manage to do, and could successfully include the add-on without hitting compiler or linker errors.

Note: to get around linker errors, I had to add the following two lines at the end of the project’s config.make:


The aforementioned is explained here: Unable to run 'androidopencvexample'.

However, as mentioned in this post: ofxAruco on Android - libraries? ofxCv? ofxOpenCv?, once the ABI_TO_COMPILE_* lines are added, no changes made to the code base are reflected (regardless of whether we clean or remove the apk). Removing the two lines fixes this issue, though of course, the addon won’t make it past linking.

If I duplicate the example opencv project, it works fine. Also, changes made to the code-base of the OpenCV example are reflected correctly, so maybe additional glue is missing from my current project. For now, I simply duplicated the openCV example, and included the ofxXMPP plugin. I can also make calls into the add-on, though I haven’t managed a connection as yet. For some reason, after xmpp_connect_client is called, the conn_handler never receives any updates. Looking into this currently…

Has anyone else had success with this add-on on Android? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Just a quick update – managed to connect to google talk servers. Simply needed “android.permission.INTERNET”. doh!