I am trying to use the ofxXmlSettings addon from OF v 0.6 in the latest release of the ofxiPhone. I have placed the xml file in the data folder, but it does not load the xml file.

Sample code:

ofxXmlSettings _xml;

if( _xml.loadFile(“levels.xml”) ){
cout << “levels.xml loaded!” << endl;
} else {
cout << “unable to load levels.xml check data/ folder” << endl;

after I compile in the iPhone simulator - 3.1.2, I get the error message:
“unable to load levels.xml check data/ folder”

Is this addon compatible with ofxiPhone?
If not, what would be the best way to load and parse xml in ofxiPhone?

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Figured it out, just had to manually add the file in xcode. :shock:

yeah, it won’t auto-copy the data folder into the bundle

so I am trying to have the iphone download an xml with ofxiPhoneFile and then loadfrombuffer() into an ofxXmlSettings but i seem to be limited to a relatively short xml or the loadfrombuffer(string(ofxiPhoneFile.read())) fails. is there any way to get ofxXmlSettings to pull down the XML itself or???