ofxXmlSettings not loading on a different computer

Hey guys,
i am facing a weird situation,
when i use the app on the computer i compiled it from, my settings load just fine. if i copy the app (folder bin) to an other computer, the settings are not loading anymore.

any idea what it could come from?


I tried to use ofSetDataPathRoot but same problem…

It’s possible that one of the computers is in english and the other in some other language? Decimal numbers in some countries are represented with a coma instead of a dot which makes ofxXmlSettings change the representation. You can change the locale to set it to C or english always like:




if the utf8 version doesn’t work.

Also i believe ofXml doesn’t have this problem.

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Didn’t figure it out completely, but he has something to do with the system itself, not sure what happened with this computer. Long story short, clicking on the app doesnt find the path to data, opening the exe from the package with terminal works…

If this is on OSX it could be because of app translocation – which is a pain :frowning: !!

here’s some notes:

what’s happening is that for security mac osx is running the app from a “read only” location and you don’t have access to the file system. There’s a few solutions I mention in the link above, I’ve been using the DMG canvas for clients (to send apps I make for review) and just moving the app back and forth if it’s for me.

hope this helps!


That’s exactly it! thank you so much!